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Eligibility to Work

Edge Hill University is required to check that all new members of staff are eligible to work in the UK in order to comply with the requirements of the UK Border Agency.

Where a candidate has no eligibility to work, for example if they are a national of a country that is NOT a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), the University may be able to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship.  In certain circumstances it may not be necessary to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship for a non-EEA national; this may occur where the Home Office has granted permanent UK resident status or where the passport has been endorsed with a visa that places no restriction on employment in the UK.

For some posts, the University will not be able to issue a certificate of sponsorship, if there is a Resident Worker able to fill the post. In addition, the University will only issue a Certificate of Sponsorship if it is likely that the prospective employee will gain enough points under the points based system, to enter, or remain in the UK.

Regulations change from time to time; for the most accurate and up to date information please refer to the UK Border Agency.

Please note that the UK Government has limited the number of certificates available to employers. The University cannot be held liable if you successfully apply for a post and we are unable to successfully obtain a certificate for you.



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